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Good for lower leg injuries and similar

Tendons, Suspensory ligaments, fractures, splints, soreness, arthritis, concussion, bruises, abscesses, and mud fever. Hydrotherapy works by improving circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation, produces an analgesic effect and aids better granulation.


Helps improve performance and condition by penetrating into the skin and muscles, increasing circulation of blood flow. It helps muscle elasticity which therefore decreases the risk of injury and helps dissipate toxins.

Infra-red Therapy

Helps improve muscle tone and strength, aids circulation, promotes fast healing, helps increase oxygen levels within the cells, reduces lactic acid in muscles, releases toxins stored in the body.

Laser Therapy

The application of red and near infra red light over injuries or lesions. This helps improve wound and soft tissue healing and gives relief for both acute and chronic pain.

Thermal Imaging

Infra-red thermal technology provides an advanced tool with which to locate heart, inflammation, gold, reduced blood circulation, and impaired nerve functions. Temperature changes are foremost indicators of changes happening within the body's systems. When there is a temperature change in the body you can identify the source of the problem quickly to reduce the amount of stress the horse is being subjected to and start the appropriate diagnostic investigation and treatment.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy also known as Magnotherapy is an alternative medicine involving the use of static magnetic fields. Magnets can help to improve blood circulation and work to help reduce pain.