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I'd just like to say many thanks for your help with my ponies. Our 35 year old pony Shammy has always had weak legs in the 15 years that we have had her and they have got weaker over that time. After the Shiatsu treatment that you gave her, her legs seem to be the strongest that I have seen in many years. She is quite happily cantering around the field with the other ponies and seems generally much happier and chilled out.

This is also the same for Kitty who has suffered from severe laminitis and COPD, after the treatment she seems to be having no trouble at all with her breathing and hopefully now that you have shown me the exercises I can do with her to help her circulation, I'm hoping that her laminitis will not give us too much trouble either.

I am so grateful for your help and glad that we found out about shiatsu as I feel that it has given both ponies a new lease on life, even my other ponies seemed more chilled out for a couple of days after you had treated the others. I recommend horse owners to give shiatsu a try as whatever the problem, shiatsu could help.

Gemma Harvey (Essex)

Dear Mandy,

I can't believe the difference in my little mare Billet Doux just from three Shiatsu sessions with you. Her stride is no longer the hesitant choppy stride it was, she no longer over bends and blocks in front. Her jump is freer and more confident. Hacking her is once more a pleasure. She is at long last the happy willing horse I know deep down she could be.

I can't thank you enough Mandy for what you have done. I had almost given up home for her having a competitive career as she found it too stressful. Last weekend my 13 year old niece took her show jumping and they both had a fabulous time. It was just wonderful to see Billie relaxed and enjoying what I knew she was good at. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for treating my lurcher dog who gets back "twinges" - he has had none since his treatment.

Penell Tempest (Cornwall)

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