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The new Lasota Energy "Horse Power" Band is available in

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The developer Jan Lasota - Sports physician, Master in manual medicine and osteopathy from Denmark has designed and developed a simple yet a very effective device which is a non-medical product with 8 specific frequencies and many negative charged ions possible the world's most powerful energy band. Through intensive research Lasota have developed a band that is strong and can help the body when it has compensatory problems. Throughout the correct signals and frequencies to the brain, it can help fine tune the body to work better.

(Please note that this is NOT a medical device that may cure disease and injuries but it can help the body function in many levels which may furthermore lead to reduced risk of injury and musculoskeletal problems).

For several years, energy bands have been used by athletes from all over the world.

A six-month test on horses has shown several positive results. Horse Physiotherapists, riders, breeders and veterinarians in Denmark have found significant positive effects associated with breeding, significantly reduced recovery after surgery, a much more harmonious and quite performance in competition optimising the horse's performance as well as reducing stress.     

The "HORSE POWER"  band consist of high quality guaranteed strong and

durable, non-toxic, medical grade silicone with 2 integrated holograms and

effective negative charged ions.

Negative ions are beneficial to health in many ways, and counter the effects of positive ions which spoil health in a variety of manners.

Pre-orders are currently being taken, if you would like to Pre-order please click on the order form to download.

*Human Lasota Energy Bracelets are already available today. All details can be found in products

Download order form

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